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All of the people can love... but, no one of them not know how to loved. I am free, that mean i can make everything. World is cruel only for the cruel people. Do not hate, do not cry, because the world is only one. I living into the reality, but so much love the other side. I searching my place around the world but do you know where are you!? *Here is my Blog, where i will present things of life around me.
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04.01.2011 09:30 - US: Kill the gay
If the Bible truly calls for gays to be put to death, then don’t public school students have the right to wear t-shirts to class that simply repeats the Scripture? Yes, says faulty thinker Jerry Moore, in perhaps the dumbest argume...
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High School wrestler Preston Hill put his fingers up the butt of a teammate. Legitimate move or assault for standing up against bullies?
Sticking his fingers into the anus of a teammate during wrestling practice was not so Buchanan High...
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Rock Yeah 
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02.01.2011 11:55 - Harry Potter is dead
 :) ^_^ *_*
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Qatar, which was chosen to host the football world cup 2022, is having a fashion debate. Cross dressing is on the rise among young Qataris. The local press says that more tradition-minded locals are upset by the growing number of young w...
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AN AMERICAN man who accessed his wife"s email account to confirm she was having an affair faces up to five years jail for invading her privacy.
Prosecutors, relying on a Michigan statute typically used to prosecute crimes such as ident...
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The UK Government plans to combat the early sexualisation of children by blocking internet pornography unless parents request it. The move is intended to ensure that children are not exposed to sex as a routine by-product of the internet...
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01.01.2011 12:18 - The Suburbs
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
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